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Botzer is a troubadour, the kind who lives what he writes and writes what he lives. His wanderings in time and space transform into songs, and once finished and sent out to the world, these songs beckon him to new voyages.

Though writing, composing songs and singing prayers have accompanied him from childhood, it is symbolic (and for Botzer very aptly) that he did not find music, rather it was music that discovered him. It became the centre of his life in his thirties after more than a decade spent dedicated to a variety of social causes in India and Israel.
Botzer’s music was received with rich praise by the media, and was embraced by the popular radio stations in Israel. They were intrigued by his artistic courage, directness, and originality. His songs are endowed with uncompromising honesty, personal revelation and social commentary.
Over the years, Botzer has drawn to him a dedicated and loyal audience, who accompany him on his journeys. In a relatively short span of time, he has released several albums, performed at dozens of festivals in Israel and abroad, and collaborated with numerous artists from different cultures and musical backgrounds. And yet, Botzer is one of those artists whose most exciting work seems to lie ahead of them. That’s because he is continually reinventing himself as an artist, a musician, a performer and a person.
Botzer exists and creates from an inner space that brings together faith and art; it is a space that exists between silence and screams, searching and answers, a space where art is the language that the heart speaks in its endeavor to mend the self. That is what makes Botzer one of the most authentic, honest and intriguing voices in Israeli music today.


Botzer ft. Lucky Ali


The debut single from the exciting cross-cultural collaboration between Eliezer Cohen Botzer (Israel) and Lucky Ali (India)

The collaboration between Eliezer Botzer and Lucky Ali can be described in different ways: a connection between India and Israel, between Islam and Judaism, or between East and West. However, if we are willing to surrender our need to define and classify, we can glimpse at a truth that is more precise and humane. At its essence, it is a connection between two people who have chosen, each in his own way, to connect with the heart.


The songs on the album are a reflection of this dialogue, between two spiritual people who strive to create a reality where the impulse to listen is greater than the need to convince, and where the desire to ask questions is stronger than the need to provide answers.

Music that is at once folk, ethnic, and modern, sprinkled with shouts of rock and whispered prayers, blends naturally to form a unique creation that is magical precisely because it defies definition.

Botzer ft. Lucky Al - on my way







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